Industrial Space for Lease!  Call 860-572-8440 or cell (860)-608-7719

Mystic Business Park is a new industrial business park located minutes from downtown Mystic, CT with easy access to Rt 95.  See google maps link for map

Brand new spotless units to start and grow your business or to store your inventory, boat, classic cars or any other project.  Zoned Industrial. 

Unit sizes: 

20ft wide x 50 ft long with 10 ft wide a 12 ft tall overhead door    $625/month
20 ft wide x 55 ft long with 10 ft wide x 14 ft overhead door        $687.50/month
22 ft wide x 55 ft long with 12 ft wide x 14 ft tall overhead door   $750/month
24 ft wide x 55 ft long with 14 ft wide  x 14 ft tall overhead door  $825/month

All units have a 20 ft ceiling, a rear window and an enclosed bathroom with sink and hot water heater.  A raised 16 ft x 20 ft platform office can also be placed in the rear of each unit to add another 320 sf of extra space.  


All units have a huge amount of power available.  Each unit has 200 amp 3 phase power at 208 volts.  You can tap off 120 volts single phase and 208 volt single phase as well.  There is a 42 slot main panel as well as a 24 slot subpanel for plenty of branch circuits.  This 200 amp 208 v 3 phase power is enough to run 58 hp worth of electric motors at the same time.  You can run almost any large machine tool in here!


 Each unit has an industrial super insulated overhead garage door.  Door sizes range from 10 ft wide x 12 ft tall to 14 ft wide by 14 ft tall depending on the unit.  Enough room to fit in a truck or large machine.


All units have a propane gas overhead 100,000 BTU forced air heater.  There is also an overhead ceiling fan to circulate the heat down from the ceiling.  This provides more than enough heat to warm the space even during the coldest days.  All bays are insulated on the ceiling and walls as well as in the partitions separating each bay.


Each unit has up to 4 phone lines with DSL high speed internet.  There is also a cell phone tower nearby so cell phones work great in and out of the building. 


Water is supplied.  Heating Propane gas is metered and billed by the gas company.  A large central propane tank is used and the much lower bulk rate cost for propane is used for the billing rate.  This bulk rate is sometimes 40% less than the normal cost of propane fuel for smaller tanks, and this savings is passed on to the tenant.

Electricity is billed through CL & P with individual meters.  If more than one unit is desired, such units can be jumpered together so you can use only one meter and save on base meter fees.

Snow Plowing is also supplied as well as grounds keeping and parking lot lights.


  The parking lot is big enough to allow for a full sized tractor trailer to drive into and turn around.  Each unit has 2-3 car parking spaces for immediate employees with overflow room for visitors.


  Located at 800 Flanders Road on the Groton side of Mystic, it is only about 1 mile to the RT 95 interchange (Exit 89 Allyn Street interchange).  Downtown Mystic is only a few minutes away as well as the ocean.  The buildings are located in a peaceful rural setting with surrounding woods, corn fields and pumpkin patches abutting the property. 


The buildings are owned and operated by Tylaska Marine, a tenant in the park itself.  No distant 3rd party owner or hard to reach manager hassle!  Just stop by the Tylaska Marine unit with any problems or questions and we will take care of it.  The park is kept clean and free of clutter and is slowly being converted to run off solar PV green power (on some rooftops) for common electricity (water, street lights, etc.)


 The rent is kept slightly below the going rate, so you are getting a good deal here.  As a result of keeping the rent below the market rate, our turnover is very low (or non existent) so our vacancy expenses are also very low.  Thus, we can keep the rent below the market rate.  This works to everyone's advantage!

If interested, please call (860)-572-8440, or cell (860)-608-7719, or stop by Tylaska Marine (Building #1) and we will show you the units. 


Tim Tylaska
Tylaska Marine  and Mystic Business Park